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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: ‘A Single Trade’

Photo Credit: David Bukach



When you sell off your dignity to the highest bidder, no part of you is not up for auction. Even Miss Audrey’s own life was but a commodity open for Mr. Wilford’s negotiation on Snowpiercer. With her as a willing participant no less… ‘A Single Trade’ is always a prelude to more.

This Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Recap for “A Single Trade” contains spoilers.

Snowpiercer’s latest episode spotlighted the twisted, dark, and wicked side of Mr. Wilford. Beneath the veneer of elegant post-industrial monarch lies a man who seeks total submission of his subjects for sport. Wilford is neither driven by wealth or deviance in the traditional sense. Rather, he seeks to turn the train’s commoners to marionettes with him as the puppeteer guiding their every move.

Miss Audrey is revealed to have undergone the same bathtub ‘ritual’ as Kevin from hospitality… Despite being Wilford’s ultimate muse. Or as Alex Cavill prods Wilford, his “Paramore”. Wilford hands over the familiar switchblade to Miss Audrey in a flashback without audible words.

After Miss Audrey obliges his request, Wilford is elated, seemingly in total ecstasy. Forward we go to the present, where Wilford reminds Audrey that he did save her… After tending to Audrey’s scar and openly smirking at the mark’s permanent home on Audrey’s arm. In his eyes, the ultimate branding, stronger than any ‘W’ tattoo of Snowpiercer’s breachman.

This mark is filled with shame, it’s hidden from the public, only Wilford knew of it. That’s the source of its beauty to Wilford. Loyalty as delicate and fragile as life itself. Knowing it was in the palm of his hand like an ant about to be crushed but let go.

The way Miss Audrey explained the situation to Andre Layton before meeting Wilford privately in the night car had a hint of vulnerable desperation. Like a former cult member, freshly reformed, afraid of being seduced again. Afraid of what she’s capable of doing to herself at Wilford’s beck and call.

One thing became clear on Snowpiercer tonight, the polished hair, tiptop evening wear, and a penchant for the highest of culture is but window dressing to the core of Wilford. Book cover decoration.

Is Mr. Wilford gradually losing Alex’s loyalty?

Snowpiercer - LJ Folger -  Photo Credit: David Bukach

Snowpiercer – LJ Folger – Photo Credit: David Bukach

Perhaps, Mr. Wilford indulging in a quest to reconquer his former subjects on Snowpiercer is having a reverse effect. While his attention is divided elsewhere, Big Alice’s crew are granted permission to see how the other half lives more and more everyday.

While Big Alice has the edge in medical advances, fresh fruit and vegetables are nothing to scoff at for a hungry population. Not to mention, a new intriguing community of people aboard Snowpiercer. As we saw tonight with two Aussies’ (‘Ozzies’) equal excitement at meeting another of their own.

If Wilford is not careful, Layton’s comment, “With all due respect, the train is not yours” will become more fact than fiction. Already Melanie has shaken Alex Cavill’s confidence in Wilford, openly telling LJ she didn’t expect to be so sentimental about her mother. One of Big Alice’s doctors similarly almost revealed what’s in the salve goo that heals ice burns. Kevin was only the beginning…

The question is will LJ Folger sell out Alex to Mr. Wilford? Or is she simply looking for any kind of inside track on Big Alice? LJ doesn’t seem the type to make friends exclusively for friendship alone. Every move of hers is cold, calculating, chaos rooted in long term planning.

On the other side of the coin, it’s not impossible Josie will prefer residency on Big Alice once healed. All it takes is Miles (who makes an appearance on tonight’s episode) really. Layton has let Josie down time and time again, while the real Mr. Wilford, not Melanie, offers Josie a second chance at life.

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Should Zarah Ferami sense Layton still loves Josie over her, the undercover spying operation on Ruth Wardell might lead to Zarah becoming a double agent. Joining hospitality also works both ways… You never know what information Ruth might relay back to Wilford about Layton & Zarah. When the chips are down, Zarah will sacrifice Layton if required for the needs of her child.

Layton’s Judgment on Trial

Layton’s appointed Detective Till appears unable to deal justice without bias. Kicking a battered Breechman without evidence on Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4. It’s only a matter of time before Snowpiercer’s democracy experiment ends with its leader ousted. Warlords and more Breechman-like gangs spawning in its wake.

Snowpiercer’s laws must apply to everyone equally. Wilford loyalists included. Or dystopia begins. Where ‘The Time of Two Engines‘ becomes one, just Big Alice.

A train divided against itself cannot stand.

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